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Saekano is primarily a slice of life anime set in high school with a twist.The twist being that two of the students are popular in the literary world, while the third, Tomoyo, is attempting to have the other two help him create his dream project. I got so frustrated trying to finish this in Flash because I came across so many problems! EDITED: I've finally went and put up a cheat sheet for this game if you guys want to get a certain ending. Near the end it will count up all the points and give you the ending with the most points. Sasu Naru Dating Game Cheat Sheet I wish I didn't have to make this because I'm just a lazy ass, but that was why I made the Secrets option in the game so that you guys had to figure out which question gave what answer.

To be honest I really feel like just leaving this in scraps, but since I finished it I should post it openly. Truthfully when I was working on this I hardly had any knowledge in programming so I didn't fully understand how the code worked. I guess it is a pain in ass to do that, but it shouldn't be too hard to do.

This has glitches because I when I was working on this I changed the program to a more recent one. Now that I've taken programming I've started to understand how it works. Anyways if you haven't figured it out yet, the endings you get depend on type of choices you choose.

So apparently the folks on /a/ said one day, “hey you know what would be awesome?

You take on the role of Hisao Nakai who suffers from a weak heart (A weak heart. Hisao has his pick of a burn victim(Hanako Ikezawa), a deaf-mute(Shizune Hakamichi), a blind girl(Lily Satou), a girl without arms(Rin Tezuka), and a girl without legs(Emi Ibarazaki).

He ends up working with two fellow high school students that are famous in the literary world, although for completely different styles of work.

They are helping bring Tomoyo’s dream project, a dating sim, to life.

Alibaba was introduced as being very cunning and petty person, shown to respect wealthy merchants and do his best to please them, often with flattering sophistry and laughing when they call him trash.

He also tried to be friends with Aladdin only for his strength.

comes back to life with the help of the magicians from Alma Torran to prevent the destruction of their world. It is revealed by the Mother Dragon that Alibaba has the bearings of a hermit.

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