Ampeg serial dating

Oliver also borrowed a design from an old sewing machine where the unit would flip out of the cabinet.

Your serial number falls solidly in the 1965 range of codes according to that site. I have no musical ability what so ever, I have no clue as to how much this more than heavy amplifier is worth, if anything? If you check the link a couple posts up in this thread, you'll be able to get a pretty close date with the serial number.

Hull received a patent for his amplified peg (Ampeg) design in November 1947 and began manufacturing them in New Jersey with his new partner, Stanley Michael.

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Here we have a vintage 1951 Fender TV-front tweed Deluxe amplifier, an early piece of Fender history.

Presses for installing the bass bar, and the heating forms used to laminate the tops and backs of the instruments were made in-house.

The heating irons used to form the shape of the ribs were purchased, as were the sanding machines used to sand the tops, backs and necks of the new line of instruments.

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Almost every guitar you see on our website is available in our Chicago guitar showroom.After Registration I will provide a date of manufacture for your bass.and Michael Newton for the work they did in putting together a six-part series on Kay Guitars in "Vintage Guitar Magazine." Also referenced was the work of J.The guitars we carry are more than just used guitars.Each guitar has a story - whether it’s where it was played, when it was built or how it was treated.Part 1 deals with what “the sound” is and how to get it, while Part 2 goes into detail about identifying the date of your gear.

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