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The pony used a leather pull strap with ratchet re-coil for starting.Again, judging by the few examples remaining, longevity was not a feature of this engine design.One thing I want to point out on both the Busy Boy and Johnny Boy is the tiny 3/4" exhaust pipe.

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Amanco engine dating

The book includes details on the RS1 (Lister D), MCK, CK1, CK2, CMA and CMAK magnetos.

Very detailed, with diagrams, parts list and explanations about each type.

The preparation of this book took many months but the material used to provide the research took over twenty years to accumulate.

Amanco Engines is not, and wasn’t intended to be, a conglomeration of technical data, but its aim it to paint an overall picture of Associated Manufacturers’ Company, how it began and operated, especially from its London offices.

The name ‘Amanco’ was NOT used on engines sold in the USA.

All these points are dealt with in this book which also includes a guide to engine dating, hints on colour schemes etc.

The bore and stroke were the same and both used a high tension magneto with flywheel fan for cooling but that is where the similarities stopped.

The engine speed was adjustable from 900 to 1100 rpm.

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A completely different approach to achieving concordant U Pb ages is the in-situ analysis of Pb isotope composition and U Pb ratio of zircon grains by ion microprobe.

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