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READ MORE Listen up ILOSM fam,’ comedic actress, Leslie Jones wants y’all to know one thing: that the Ritz Carlton hotel operate with racist tactics and discriminate against people of color. No Crossover: The Trial of Allen Iverson is a 2010 documentary film produced by Kartemquin Films for ESPN's 30 for 30 series and directed by Steve James.He has perfect weight of 75 kilograms, which matches his height perfectly.

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A person that I once considered a FRIEND contacted Atlanta PD and told where I was staying. I was given the opportunity to be apart of a hit tv show "BASKETBALL WIVES LA"…

I was arrested early that next morning for THEFT OF SERVICE!!! not as "The ex of…" "The baby mother of…" "The wife of…" but SANIY'YAH "CELEBRITY STYLIST" to the stars!! 🙌🏽 I have the opportunity to tell MY STORY to the WORLD and finally clear my good name!!! 😝 #Gods Child #i Am Saniyyah Samaa #BBWLA6 #Basketball Wives #SLAYniyyah 🙌🏽🤣 A post shared by Saniy'yah Samaa (@saniyyahsamaa) on Check out my bonus scene on VH1and let me know what you guys think!!!

Sole' has just revealed that throughout the entire duration of her 13 year marriage to Ginuwine,she was "in love" with another man who many of us Old Schoolers know very well.

He's an hip hop OG and he's now officially dating Sole.

ILOSM fam’ y’all know Ginuwine and his newly EX-wife/former rapper, Sole,’ go back like Caleco Vision and Donkey Kong, they were married for 13 years.

Well it’s a new day now and Sole’ has just dropped a bomb on everyone with a side-diss to Ginuwine just shortly after the ink has just dried on their 2015 divorce papers…S dollars, which always boosted his net worth to millions.According to some sources he has a net worth of million, which speaks his success story.Saniy’yah who hails from Chester, Pennsylvania and who we previously wrote about for getting popped on grand theft charges , boldly told the ladies that she previously had an affair with “the top person in the NBA” who has three kids. “This was like the top person in the NBA, me and him were cool. “I just was like, ‘I love him.'” said Saniy’yah about her actions. According to Saniy’yah it’s untrue and she was set up by a friend in Atlanta.I would come to the games with him, sit courtside, front row, I was like a nice little arm piece for him—but did he have someone? Furthermore, she’s denying claims that she’s a scamstastic sidechick who tried to set up Meek Mill, someone she previously styled, to get robbed. To address all these "theft" rumors in my comments… the room was in someone else's name (on their hookup) but my ID was used to check myself in.Iverson was sentenced to 15 years in prison, but after four months at Newport News City Farm correctional facility, Iverson was pardoned by Governor Doug Wilder and was released from custody.

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