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Also among them, group singers Big Mama and the amazing voice, K.

Alex and shin ae dating

On October 16, 2015, his agency confirmed that he has been dating for a month idol group Rainbow's maknae, Hyun Young, who's 12 years his junior.

Shinae’s wedding held earlier today, May 28 at 1pm in Walkerhill Hotel, Seoul.

Dating shows don’t have such a great rep stateside, but here in Korea, they’re a sure-fire way to get attention and the all-too-desirable ratings.

Of course, it helps that most of the dating shows are tinged with a sense of reality — just enough to get fans riled up, but not enough to sound the wedding bells.

What ended up happening much more often was individuals confessing they were dating…other people.

Some even led to marriages, as in the case of actress Shin Ae (who, shortly after leaving the show and her husband Alex, announced her engagement to a business man) and Jung Hyung Don (who left his very good gig as SNSD’s Taeyeon’s hubby to get married as well).The statement was released in light of reports on "We Got Married's" possible cancellation after nine years of airing."It is time to reorganize and we are preparing a pilot program," a network insider said as per Soompi.The two of them will spend their 2-3 days honeymoon in Jeju island.And as she keeps on saying from the beginning, she’ll resume her entertaiment activites even after the wedding. Looks like Shinae wanted this to be a closed, private wedding because the whole country is still in mourning period for ex-President Roh Moo Hyun.Having immigrated to Canada at a young age with his family, Alex rose to fame upon returning to South Korea as part of the group Clazziquai.

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