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In the course of an extensive multi-agency investigation, local and federal authorities in Alabama and Florida seized cellphones from Weekley and her male acquaintance and questioned him about the content allegedly sent to him by the mother.Baldwin County District Court Judge William Scully set Weekley's bond at 0,000, describing the charges filed against her as 'pretty horrific.'The prosecutor requested that if Weekley posted bond, she will be fitted with a GPS tracker and be allowed no contact with her children, or any other minors.

After an Afghan mother first told Nordberg about the practice, she consulted historians, anthropologists, and long-time residents. But nearly five years of research proved those experts wrong. We passed the headphones between us, showing off our best moves.

Nordberg's new book, “The Underground Girls of Kabul” chronicles, for the first time, a practice common enough that these girls have a name: Bacha Posh.“Our brother is really a girl.”One of the eager-looking twins nods to reaffirm her words. Though I failed to match their elaborate hip rolls, some of my most inspired sing-along was met with approval.

The United Nations has named Afghanistan one of the most dangerous countries in the world to be born a girl.

It’s a country where women’s rights are severely curtailed, where girls are under-educated, and where females cannot walk the streets unaccompanied by a male relative.

Weekley has a past criminal record that included an arrest in 2001 on multiple counts of theft and another case involving a bank robbery in 2005.

Court records show that Weekley's ex-husband, Jeremy Lee Weekley, served six years for the 2005 bank heist, in which she drove the getaway car.

magazine has reportedly been arrested on suspicion of corruption.

Sharbat Gula, photographed as a 12-year-old inhabitant of a refugee camp in 1984, now faces the possibility of spending 14 years in jail, it was reported.

A mother from Alabama has been accused of producing child pornography involving her own two children and sharing the images with a man in Florida.

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