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“During every rise and fall of this god-forsaken unemployment phase, I have been there to support my partner every step of the way. During these years, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been at some function where after a few drinks someone said to me, ‘I feel so bad for your partner. Be patient, be supportive.’ “I think to myself, ‘, be supportive? ’ I want to jump out of my skin and slap that person silly. It is tough to be unemployed, but it is equally tough to be the partner watching and supporting the unemployed person. Some have become involuntary breadwinners, straining to care for everyone and everything with one lone paycheck.

There were rejections, interviews, and even jobs-in-hand that folded at the last minute thanks to the tanking economy. I’m especially tired of all those people who tell me what they think about my husband’s lack-of-work situation.

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by Clara Lieu, Adjunct Professor at RISD & Partner at Preparing a portfolio for college admission is not a casual undertaking, it’s very common for high school students to underestimate how much time and labor is involved.

For most students it takes several months, even up to a year to create a body of work that is rigorous enough for the competitive art school and college admissions process.

In other words, each of you is a complex, multifaceted human being who remains healthy as long as your mental, physical, spiritual, and relationship states are receiving attention.

At this moment, unemployment is taking a toll on these four realms; however, the trick to lessening unemployment’s severe control is self-care.

I recommend re-reading the guidelines multiple times as you’re working on your portfolio to be certain at every stage that you are following their precise requirements.

On top of that, remember that several art schools and college also require that students create a few artworks specifically for their application on top of the portfolio.The topic hasn’t come up again since and at this point, I am just about ready to give him an ultimatum- either he proposes or I’m leaving.I’m also thinking of just getting him a ring at this point just to move this thing along!He asked for my snail address to send me a card but what I got was a dozen long stem Roses, a teddy bear and a box of Candy. Every Day I did an ip search and boy this guy traveled! I was getting bored with him so I told him I was very poor and I had nothing to offer him. I am also an advocate for a fume free Eco system so I work on projects aimed at controlling spillages. My clients range from governmental to private conglomerates worldwide.That didn't work so then when he told me after Christmas he would come and visit me but he wasn't in the state and that was the bye bye. He said he was from Philadelphia , he wanted to communicate through emails. Check out all the pictures on the Nigerian Dating Scams page on this site and see if he's there and you need to post pictures.I’ve met plenty of women who are in a hurry to get married.

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