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The choice of whether distance or near vision is selected to be corrected, is based on each patient's individual preference, their current need for glasses and the degree of cataract in the other eye.

Intraocular lens implants now can correct for presbyopia, the age-related condition that interferes with the ability to focus on close objects.

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Like a multifocal IOL, the accommodating IOL is implanted inside the eye and requires your surgeon to calculate and choose the optimal implant power prior to surgery.

I am nearsighted and have always had great close vision without glasses. How will this affect looking through a telescope which is one of my hobbies and uses the entire pupil to gather light? but am looking for real world experience and input on these IOLs. I will be on vacation June 11-22 so may not respond until then, but I WILL respond!

For this group of patients, these implants can be the best investment they ever make.

The Re STOR and Tecnis multifocal IOLs have a small trifocal built into the implant optic that allows for clear vision at all distances.

Please take as much time as you wish to make your decision and please ensure you ask any questions you have regarding both your surgery and the both the pros and cons of Multi-focal lens implants with your surgeon.

By virtue of their older ages, most patients who undergo cataract surgery also have presbyopia.I paid so much money to get this perfect eyesight - both far away and near - but to my utter disappointment, I paid all that money just to lose my close vision. Knowing what I know now, I would have opted for perfect near vision and continued to wear glasses for nearsightedness.The following information has been has been given to you to assist you in making an informed decision about having cataract surgery with Multi-focal lens implants.I have become increasingly nearsighted throughout my life, like the other writer, I had great near vision.I had the IOLs placed last August, and although my far away vision is so much better, I have lost one of my most precious possessions - awesome near vision.Patients read standard print without glasses in all but the most extreme lighting conditions.

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