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Machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence... The science of getting machines to perform actions without explicitly programming them to do so can be intimidating for the uninitiated.These machine learning articles aim to unpack the black box for beginners, with introductions to overall concepts and tutorials for training a model of their own.

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If you're like that, then you probably already have an idea of what you want to make, and perhaps you have your own list.

Breakout: a game where you control a paddle at the bottom of the screen, and you use it to hit a ball upwards and at angles to break bricks.

A Brandeis University (MA) student talked about how during her first semester at college she “made bad choices, hooked up with guys, was messy, drinking too much.” She didn’t much like that person.

She decided to change, try new things, and find the person she really wanted to be.

When I first started programming, I found myself constantly thinking of new programs to make and writing those down in a list.

I was addicted to the power of creation, and there was so much my brain wanted to make.Don’t make this mistake: “[M]any organizations rush to hire ML experts without laying the proper foundation to ensure their success, including creating proper database architecture, building out essential data science technology, establishing data governance, and instilling data-driven decision-making throughout the organization.” - This new online publication is bringing academic journals into the 21st century: “A Distill article… It’s an interactive medium that lets users – 'readers' is no longer sufficient – work directly with machine learning models.” - Workout regimens need to be tailored to each individual. Fitbit’s head of data science shares how his team builds a model for every user to increase motivation and prevent injuries.- This grassroots effort is inviting teams to harness AI technologies to help human fact checkers identify hoaxes and deliberate misinformation in news stories.The goal is to break all the bricks, and not let the ball through the ground too many times.In this step, you need to consider which technologies (languages/libraries/environments) you're familiar with or able to learn easily, and which of them are the most well suited for the job.You probably won't know everything you need for your program when you start it, and that's totally okay -- you'll be motivated to learn those new things because of how much you want to make your program real.

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