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Just follow this simple but devastatingly effective formula and you'll soon be connecting with so many hotties, you won't know what to do with them all...

I wasn't "the 40 year old virgin", but my success with women was well below average. It got so bad -- the nervousness, the pain of rejection, the lack of control I felt -- that I decided to NEVER approach an attractive woman. (all men have felt this way at some point in their lives.) Are you totally happy with the women in your life? of being totally uncomfortable around the very women you are MOST attracted to .. The worst part is, when you're lonely, and you don't understand why, you begin to blame yourself. Yes, I REFUSED to be alone for the rest of my life. I REALIZED that the way I was acting around women wasn't working ... When I approached a woman, I used canned lines and routines I picked up from books and DVDs. Everything I said or did was in a calculated manner in order to get a woman attracted to me. And although I had a few fun Friday nights, deep down inside I was as lonely as ever. "Be yourself" means -- don't adopt some phoney "player persona" the million-dollar seduction industry want to sell you.

Are you surrounded by beautiful, interesting women who love YOU for who YOU are? It's time to STOP BLAMING YOURSELF and take the next step. "Be yourself" means --- be the way you are around your best friends, (with SOME important differences) and you'll attract the type of women you'll like best.

Or maybe you just want that one extra-special-girl that you can settle down with, that's understandable, but who says you can't have a little fun along the way, right?

Imagine this: You simply walk up to any girl that catches your eye, and you'll know exactly what to say.

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It's too easy to fumble your words, try to kiss her when she's not ready, or send the wrong message. The Attraction Formula is a highly-refined process that takes you from first "hello" with a woman, all the way to the bedroom.

This "magic concept" works if you're handsome, rich, and confident with women ... This is unlike ANY dating advice, pick-up "system", or seduction manual you have ever seen...

or if you're the "40 year old virgin" living alone in your parents' basement, with ZERO confidence and a history of "bad relationships". This mind-bending way to attract women works WHILE you're having fun. * Step-by-step guides of REAL pick-ups, from casual sex to meaningful relationships.

These are my BEST stories -- many are legendary -- and all are true!

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