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Hence a person could be charged on this federal penal code, or under a local (emirate) penal code.Despite the penal code's mention of a death penalty, executions for same-sex sexual conduct have not been implemented in the country.

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The Israel Middle East Model United Nations (TIMEMUN) is a student-led simulation of the United Nations that is in its 16th year at AIS.

Last year, TIMEMUN hosted more than 550 students from Israeli and Arab schools, as well as participants from international schools.

He grew up in a family with little education but who had Jewish neighbours on a nearby kibbutz.

His parents were unfazed when their son presented his Jewish partner to the family.

Over the course of 16 largely happy years of marriage and raising children, the couple have had to vault hurdles thrown up by the Israeli state and their respective societies.

Amer is an Arab-Israeli, a Palestinian born in Israel and who holds Israeli citizenship.The BBC had to assure people it had not been hacked after accidentally sending out a breaking news alert in Bengali. BBC staff assured readers it was an accident and meant for users of their Bengali service, but not before the internet lit up with panicked tweets about why the national broadcaster was sending out alerts in ‘Arabic’.A technical error meant they linked to a report from its Bengali service – but people jumped to predictably wrong conclusions, many assuming the language was Arabic. The story was about a police raid in Mirpur on a militant hideout, killing one. ‘OMG IT’S ARABIC ISIS HAVE SEIZED THE BBC’, one user wrote, satirising the reaction."It's hard to find someone else that is asexual because it's not talked about.""Finding an asexual partner has been frankly fantastic ...for a while I didn't think I would ever find anyone," Tash said.In pride parades it kind of goes back to that society is sexualised — just because I'm not having sex doesn't mean I can't fall in love," Dae said.

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