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Rule 412 does not, however, apply unless the person against whom the evidence is offered can reasonably be characterized as a “victim of alleged sexual misconduct.” When this is not the case, as for instance in a defamation action involving statements concerning sexual misconduct in which the evidence is offered to show that the alleged defamatory statements were true or did not damage the plaintiff's reputation, neither Rule 404 nor this rule will operate to bar the evidence; Rule 401 and 403 will continue to control.

He was trained and driven originally by Doug Arthur and later by Pat Crowe. Cam Fella was purchased as a 2 year old, by the two Norms, Norm Clements and Norm Faulkner.

In 1981, as a two year old, Cam Fella won three of eleven starts and was sold to Norm Clements and Norm Faulkner for US$140,000 after winning the Valedictory series final in his final start for the year. Although he won the Cane Pace he did not have an opportunity to take the Triple Crown as he was not eligible to start in the Little Brown Jug.

Early detection is key for these because, if left untreated, these infections can cause some serious, permanent damage.

Viral infections however, which we remember by the H's – Herpes, Hepatitis, HPV and HIV – once acquired, the symptoms can be suppressed with medication, but can never be cured.

In October he proved himself to be the top 3yo pacer in North America by winning the Messenger Stakes.

In the first heat he tied the track record for 3yos winning in 1.57 3/5 before beating Icarus Lobell and Soky’s Atom in the final heat in 1.59 after a mid race duel with Little Brown Jug winner Merger.

Like in the Cane Pace he was a supplemental entry to the Messenger.

His final start for 1982 came in November when he won the Provincial Cup at Windsor Raceway in 1.55.4 which tied the track record for his age. The track reported its highest attendance since Niatross started there in 1980 and strong wagering which had become typical for a race night featuring Cam Fella.

The reference to a person “accused” is also used in a non-technical sense.

Rule 412 will, however, apply in a Title VII action in which the plaintiff has alleged sexual harassment.

Meanwhile, 13 per cent of women used sex to combat a headache.

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