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The service was rebranded as Windows Live Messenger in 2005 before it was completely shut down in 2014, with users encouraged to move to Skype.

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MSN Messenger was introduced by Microsoft in 1999 and grew to become the messenger tool of choice by many throughout the 2000s.

By 2009, it had over 330 million monthly active users.

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Along with the increasing quality of video and complexity of the chat feature set, interacting with the core Twitch experience has resulted in occasional frame drops. Our chat backend, a service we call “TMI”, sends each chat message in a given room to subscribed clients.

Over the past couple months, I could constantly be seen around the office making the Not Like This face as I attempted to watch streams. From there, we generate a list of messages and render a message-line component for each message in that list. This means that if we want to prevent video streams from skipping frames, rendering and painting of video and chat messages needs to occur within 16.667ms — a tall order.

A feature like this might help Line stand out from the crowd, though, which includes Facebook Messenger and Whats App.

Aside from more than a billion active users, Messenger offers video and voice calling, while Whats App added voice last year and is rumored to be adding video soon.

We used a test channel, which has both a high quality 60fps stream and the maximum limit of chat messages per second.

We used the Chrome Developer Tools to look into how long render events were taking and we used ef4’s initial-render-perf along with some R to programmatically come up with render performance data.

200 is a large number for just friends, at least if the call remains productive, so there’s likely to be a business angle to this too.

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